Wednesday, January 20, 2021

High DPI Support, Improved TIFF and New Performance Demo in ImageEn Imaging Library v9.3.0

ImageEn v9.3.0 has now been released. It is a free update if you purchased a license or extension after 20 January 2020. You can access the downloads from:

Other users can extend their registration for 12 months at:


For more information on ImageEn and free trial, visit:

Top Ten Enhancements

1. All ImageEn toolbars and dialogs support High DPI 

Layer Properties dialog
2. Many enhancements to WIC support, including EXIF reading, 32bit PNG and alpha support
3. TImageEnMView and TImageEnFolderMView support natural filename sorting (e.g. numbered filenames are better sorted)
4. ImageEn Open/Save dialogs support all multi-select and Open Options when using modern Windows styling, and offer faster preview
Image Open and Save dialogs
5. Improvements to TIFF support including 32 bit (HDR) TIFFs and Planar tiffs containing gray scale and alpha
6. Smooth zooming interaction for TImageEnView
7. ImageEn toolbars can be custom scaled
Fully customizable toolbar components for TImageEnView
8. When pasting from the clipboard to a selection it supports transparency
9. New demo showing all ImageEn Dialogs (\Demos\Other\ImageEn_Dialogs\ImageEn_Dialogs.dpr)
10. Enhanced demo to compare performance of three imaging engines: Native, WIC and DLL (\Demos\InputOutput\IEViewPerformance\Performance.dpr)

Complete Change History:

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Improved Design-Time State and new Camera Raw Formats in ImageEn v9.2.0

ImageEn v9.2.0 and IEVision 5.4.0 have now been released. These updates are free if you purchased a license or extension after 25 September 2019. You can access the downloads from:

Other users can extend their registration for 12 months at:

Top Ten Enhancements

1. New Brush Properties dialog available via code, actions and in-built toolbar

2. Image levels adjustment in code and Proc Properties dialog

3. Design-time preview of TImageEnView and TImageEnMView with either live or demo content

4. Published more visual properties and improved background styles for TImageEnView and TImageEnMView

5. Improved LibRaw support with latest library and can now read EXIF from Raw images

6. New AutoSetBitDepth property will automatically update bit depth settings just by specifying the PixelFormat

7. Improved layout for TIELayerProps and Layer Properties dialog and copes better with narrow layout

8. TPicture can be assigned directly to TIEBitmap or TImageEnView and alpha channel is supported

9. Various performance enhancements to clone, brush and retouch tools, GDI+ functions and TImageEnView navigator

10. Run all compiled demos directly from the help documentation, plus new "Large TIFF Viewer and Editor" demo and redo of TIFF Handler demo

Complete Change History:

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

ImageEn 9.1.0 and IEVision 5.3.0 Performance Updates Released

ImageEn v9.1.0 and IEVision v5.3.0 have now been released. For this update we focused on ways we could improve performance.

You will now notice significant speed enhancements with Camera Raw files, TImageEnMView (particularly if you enable disk caching) and play animated GIFs in TImageEnView, as well as other optimizations such as loading images into TImageEnView in the background.

IEVision v5.3.0 can now use multiprocessing which more than doubles OCR processing speed on modern systems.

These updates are free if you purchased a license or extension after 28 May 2019. You can access the downloads from:

Other users can extend their registration for 12 months at:

Top Five Performance Enhancements

1. TImageEnMView can use a persistent disk cache for much improved performance

2. When loading the embedded JPEG and thumbnails in RAW files, they can now be scale loaded to a desired size for better performance, particularly in TImageEnMView

3. TImageEnView now offers Asyncronous Loading load images in a background thread without affecting the UI

4. Much better performance when playing animated GIF files in TImageEnView

5. Various code optimizations to improve performance

Top Ten General Enhancements

1. New Retouch tools: Interactive brushes to fix image content: Smudge, Inpaint, Blur, Smooth, Sharpen, etc.

2. Improvements to TImageEnMView including automatically padding thumbnail spacing for improved styling, navigation by clicking the first letter of a filename and support for folder shortcuts

3. Many enhancements to built-in toolbars, including full support for theming

4. New Smart Eraser Tool removes background without erasing subject

5. ImageEn can now automatically use Windows 10 style open/save dialogs with preview support and automatic filters

6. Added "Effects" section to Layer properties (which includes support for the new InnerGlow style)

7. Many improvement to brush tools, including anti-aliased brushes and asymmetrial cloning

8. IELib64 DLL is not needed for 64bit apps. ImageEn can automatically use WIC to load JPEG and PNG images

9. Now fully supports reading and writing of DICOM files without images (tag only files)

10. Support for Canon CR3 Raw images

+ Support for Delphi/BCB 10.4 Sydney

Complete Change History:

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Huge V9.0.0 Release of ImageEn Imaging Library

ImageEn v9.0.0 has now been released. It is a major updates that focuses on UI features, like toolbar, popup menus, plus over 50 new actions.

Top Fifteen Enhancements

1. Fully customizable toolbar components for TImageEnView and TIERichEdit


2. Automatic hover toolbars for ImageEnView for viewing, editing, selections and layers

3. Customizable, context sensitive popup menus for TImageEnView, TImageEnMView, TImageEnFolderMView, TImageEnLayerMView and TIERichEdit

4. New TIELayerProps component to view and edit properties of selected layer

5. 28 new actions for TImageEnView, TImageEnMView and TImageEnFolderMView, plus you no longer need to attach an ImageEn control

6. Twenty-seven actions for TIERichEdit for rapid development

7. TImageEnView can be attached to a TImageEnMView to show a preview of the selected image (with navigation)

8. TImageEnMView can be filtered by filename or custom code

9. Rotation grip to make it easier and more obvious to rotate layers

10. TIELineLayers can now be curved

11. Numerous other layer improvements: horizontal and vertical flipping, graduated masks, more accurate rotation and sizing, and transparent background for rich text layers

12. Full Greek translation (partial computer generation)

13. Easily create curved selections in code

14. CaptureFromScreen allows capturing of specific monitors

15. Improved memory handling and other optimizations

Upgrading to 9.0.0

This update is free if you purchased a license or extension after 12 April 2019. You can access the download from:

Other users can extend their registration for 12 months at:

Trials are available from:

Sunday, November 3, 2019

FireMonkey Beta for ImageEn, Imaging Library

We have now released a beta version of ImageEn/FireMonkey. At this time, only Windows targets are supported. Other platforms are planned.

It is a direct port of our VCL version, but does NOT include:

Any Dialogs
- ImageEn open/save dialogs
- Built-in image effects dialog (TImageEnProc.DoPreviews)
- Built-in image I/O properties dialog (TImageEnIO.DoPreviews)
- Layer Properties dialog
- Printing and Print Preview dialogs

Any Windows Features
- Windows shell components and features (such as video thumbnails)
- TIEFolderMView
- WIC file formats and features
- GDI+
- Rich formatting for text layers
- AVI and Meta-File support

- Image Acquisition (Twain, WIA, WPD)
- Video Acquisition (DirectShow, MMF)
- Support for plug-ins like ImageMagick and WpViewPDF
- Legacy components: TImageEnVect, THSVBox and TGradientBox

Naturally being a beta, it will have bugs and incompatibilities. Beta testers are expected to test and report issues.

The beta is open to anyone with an active ImageEn license (as it includes all ImageEn source code). For more information, visit:

Sample Compiled Demos

Complete Editor:
Image display and editing application

Thumbnail Viewer:
Using TImageEnMView to show thumbnails for images in a folder

All Layer Editing:
Usage of image, shape, text and line layers

Image Editor Actions Demo:
Complete image display and editing application built using only the TImageEnView Action set

Layer Actions Demo:
Complete image layer editing application built using only the TImageEnView Action set

Thumbnail Actions Demo:
Multiple image display and editing application built using only the TImageEnMView Action set

All Actions Demo:
Demo showing all ImageEn actions (230+) available to rapidly build applications

Brush Tool Demo:
Using the in-built Brush tool to paint onto an image

Clone Tool Demo:
Using the in-built Clone Brush tool to copy and erase content within an image

Flood Fill Tool:
Using the Fill tool to replace the color within an image with a new color or transparency

Transition Effects:
Use of transition effects to smooth the changing of images during a slideshow

Transition effects

Photosphere Viewer:
Interactive display of "Equirectangular" images (Google Android PhotoSphere 360° panoramic images)

Zoom Filter Comparison:
Display of all the available ZoomFilter effects for image smoothing

Magic Fill to Polygon:
Creates a polygon by performing a magic selection on an image (matching a color range)

Navigator Demo:
Use of TImageEnView.SetNavigator to show the currently viewable portion of the image

Cells and Grid Demo:
Divide an image into a grid and allow selection of individual cells

Recent Updates to ImageEn Imaging Library

We've just released v8.7.5, an update to the recent v8.7.0 release of ImageEn, our Image Display and Editing Library for Delphi and C++.

Top Five Enhancements in v8.7.*:

1. Text Layers now support Rich Text formatting, with optional pop-up toolbar

TIETextLayer now supports Rich Text formatting

2. New Rich Editing control with an optional hover toolbar

3. New Windows components to select Windows folders and drag and drop files to/from Windows Explorer


4. Database Bitmap supports Layer saving and image annotations (with new FireDac demo)

5. Area, perimeter and centroid can be calculated for selections and polyline layers

More information:

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Delphi and C++Builder Version Chart

I created this extended product version chart, because I cannot seem to access this information elsewhere and I often need it when resolving component install issues (to reference folder and registry locations between versions)

Company Product Product Version Package Version Compiler Version IFDEF Version BDS Version
Borland Delphi 1 1  -  - VER80  -
Borland Delphi 2 2  -  - VER90  -
Borland C++Builder 3 3  -  - VER110  -
Borland Delphi 3 3  -  - VER100  -
Borland C++Builder 4 4  -  - VER125  -
Borland Delphi 4 4  -  - VER120  -
Borland Delphi/CPB 5 5  -  - VER130  -
Borland Delphi/CPB 6 6 60 14.0 VER140  -
Borland Delphi 7 7 70 15.0 VER150  -
Borland Delphi 2005 9 90 17.0 VER170 3.0
Borland Delphi/CPB 2006 10 100 18.0 VER180 4.0
Borland Delphi/CPB 2007 11 110 18.5 VER185 5.0
CodeGear Delphi/CPB 2009 12 120 20.0 VER200 6.0
CodeGear Delphi/CPB 2010 14 140 21.0 VER210 7.0
Embarcadero Delphi/CPB XE 15 150 22.0 VER220 8.0
Embarcadero Delphi/CPB XE2 * 16 161 23.0 VER230 9.0
Embarcadero Delphi/CPB XE3 * 17 170 24.0 VER240 10.0
Embarcadero Delphi/CPB XE4 * 18 180 25.0 VER250 11.0
Embarcadero Delphi/CPB XE5 * 19 190 26.0 VER260 12.0
Embarcadero Delphi/CPB XE6 * 20 200 27.0 VER270 14.0
Embarcadero Delphi/CPB XE7 * 21 210 28.0 VER280 15.0
Embarcadero Delphi/CPB XE8 * 22 220 29.0 VER290 16.0
Embarcadero Delphi/CPB 10 Seattle * 23 230 30.0 VER300 17.0
Embarcadero Delphi/CPB 10.1 Berlin * 24 240 31.0 VER310 18.0
Embarcadero Delphi/CPB 10.2 Tokyo * 25 250 32.0 VER320 19.0
Embarcadero Delphi/CPB 10.3 Rio * 26 260 33.0 VER330 20.0

* 64bit Support

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