Monday, November 26, 2018

ImageEn Imaging Library Update for 10.3 Rio (Trial available)

ImageEn v8.1.2 has now been released to add support for Delphi/C++Builder 10.3 Rio.

ImageEn is a powerful native image display, editing and processing library. Learn more at:

We now have a trial version, which is available via GetIt in the Delphi IDE, or our web site at:

There are also 200 pre-compiled demo applications so you can instantly try all our features.

Top Five Enhancements

1. Enhanced TImageEnLayerMView with background layer locking and custom hover hints

2. Layer Properties dialog improvements including drawing of Line End shapes in combobox, plus optional image-only display for all combobox captions

3. Polyline layers can be created from a selection

4. All pages can be previewed when printing posters

5. Full localization support for Russian and Dutch languages

Complete Change History:

The update is free to all users who purchased a license or extension after 26 November 2017. You can download at:

Monday, July 2, 2018

HUGE v8.0.0 Update for ImageEn Imaging Library

We have just released v8.0.0, a huge update to ImageEn, Imaging Editing and Viewing Library for Delphi and C++Builder.

Learn more about ImageEn at:

Over 200 compiled demos at:

Top Fifteen Enhancements

1. Editing of Polyline and Line Points

New Polyline and Line layers can now be created by clicking points. You can also add, remove and edit points of existing layers


2. Curve Layers

Polyline layers now allow insertion of curves. You can also add curves when editing a polyline layer by holding down the Alt key

3. Full PDF Exporting

Scalable PDF documents can be created using the new TIEPDFBuilder class or exporting of ImageEn layers

4. Enhanced Shape Layer

The ImageEn shape layer now uses GDI+ for improved performance, full rotation and gradient support. It also adds forty new built-in shapes, including: Candy, Sun, Cog, Brooch, Flower, Splat, Crown, Tag, Pin, Radiance, Raindrop, Smile, Rainbow, Marker, Banner, Power, Music, Pointing Hand, Female and Male

5. Color Curve Editing

Now includes a color curve editing component. Colors can also be manipulated by a curve in the Previews dialog

6. Layer Properties Dialog

Built-in layer properties dialog allows manipulation of common properties

7. Many Other Layer Improvements

More gradient options, keyboard shortcuts, layer preview during creation, word-wrap and auto-shrinking of text

8. Measurement Tools

New mouse interactions to measure lengths, rectangular and elliptical areas

9. Selection Subtraction and Sizing

Circular and Polygon selections can now be resized. You can also hold the Ctrl key to remove from an existing selection

10. Faster Loading

New features for improved performance, including WIC property to speed up loading of JPEGs (200% faster) and PNGs (30% faster), retrieval of embedded preview images from Camera RAW images, and OptimizeLoadingParams method to automatically set the fastest loading properties

11. Eraser Brush and More

Many enhancements to brush tools, including an eraser brush, alpha compositing and improved performance

12. Enhanced Printing

New event to customize printing, including a heading. Print Previews now show text. Contact/thumbnail sheets can also be output to bitmap

13. New File Formats: DirectDraw Surface, HEIF, etc.

ImageEn now supports all image formats of Microsoft WIC, including DirectDraw Surface, HEIF, etc.

14. Many New Actions

Dozens of new actions available: EraserTool, ConvertToPolylineLayer, MeasureLength, MeasureRect, MeasureEllipse, ZoomAndScroll, EditLayers, EditLayerPoints, ClickCreateLineLayers, ClickCreatePolylineLayers, DrawCreatePolylineLayers, LayerFontSelect, LayerFontEnlarge, LayerFontReduce, LayerAlign, Layer Properties, etc.

15. EXE Size Optimization

Dicom resources have been moved to an external unit, reducing the size of most EXEs by up to 400KB. There are also many improvements to defines that allow further reductions to EXE size for specific requirements

Complete Change History:

IEVision, Advanced Imaging Tools Add-In, v4.5.0 Released

We have just released v4.5.0 of IEVision, our advanced imaging tools add-in for ImageEn.

Top Five Features

1. New Blob Detector to locate shapes within an image

2. Template Matching now calculates a confidence value for each match

3. Background Subtractor class supports improved selection methods

4. TIEVisionImage can now detect lines

5. Other improvements and fixes

Demo all the new features at:

IEVision Pricing

IEVision can be purchased for $399.50 from our order page:

More Information

IEVision is an advanced add-on for ImageEn that provides:

  • OCR

  • Image Patching

  • Barcode Recognition

  • Face Detection and Object Tracking

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

ImageEn, Imaging Library, v7.5.0 Released

Squeezing in before the Xmas 2017 cut-off, we are releasing v7.5.0 of ImageEn, our Imaging Library for Delphi and C++.

Top Ten Enhancements 

1. New Cloning Tool to erase unwanted content

2. New interactive Brush Tool to paint images

3. New interactive Rotation Tool to freely rotate and flip images

4. LibRaw can be used for Digital Camera Raw formats, providing support for more cameras, multi-shot photo and interpolation features

5. Enhanced PSD features, including support for loading and saving files without merged images, and reading and writing of Exif tags

6. New mouse interaction allows selection of background or subject using a Chroma Key algorithm

7. Filename filtering for TImageEnMView and TImageEnFolderMView

8. All new component icons, plus ImageEn properties can now be categorized in Object Inspector

9. Gradient, Alpha and Graduated Alpha fills

10. New Actions: TImageEnViewCloneTool, TImageEnViewBrushTool, TImageEnViewSprayTool, TImageEnViewRotateTool, TImageEnViewRotateAndCropTool, TImageEnViewShowGuidelines, TImageEnViewSelectChromaKey 

More Information

You can learn more about ImageEn at:

Demo all the new features at:

More ImageEn 7.5.0 Pricing

ImageEn can be purchased for $399.50 from our order page:

V7.5.0 is a free update if you purchased a license or extension after 13 December 2016. You can request the download from:

IEVision, Advanced Tools Add-On, 4.0.0 Released

Together with our update for ImageEn, we have released v4.0.0 of our advanced features plug-in, IEVision.

Top Five Features

1. Pattern Matching: Search image for template images

2. Pattern Matching with Map: Search for template images and return comparison map

3. Classifier Training: Find objects in an image using positive and negative samples

4. Watershed Selection: Automatic selection using painted markers

5. Grabcut Selection: Automatically select the main subject within an image

Demo all the new features at:

IEVision Pricing

IEVision v4.0.0 is a free update if you purchased a license or extension after 13 December 2016. If you qualify please complete the form at:

IEVision can be purchased for $399.50 from our order page:

More Information

IEVision is an advanced add-on for ImageEn that provides:
  • Face Detection and Object Tracking

  • OCR

  • Image Patching

  • Barcode Recognition

Monday, October 23, 2017

Only seven days to support ImageEn imaging library for FireMonkey

If you want to see ImageEn on FireMonkey, please pledge on KickStarter:

For more information on ImageEn, visit: