Wednesday, January 20, 2021

High DPI Support, Improved TIFF and New Performance Demo in ImageEn Imaging Library v9.3.0

ImageEn v9.3.0 has now been released. It is a free update if you purchased a license or extension after 20 January 2020. You can access the downloads from:

Other users can extend their registration for 12 months at:


For more information on ImageEn and free trial, visit:

Top Ten Enhancements

1. All ImageEn toolbars and dialogs support High DPI 

Layer Properties dialog
2. Many enhancements to WIC support, including EXIF reading, 32bit PNG and alpha support
3. TImageEnMView and TImageEnFolderMView support natural filename sorting (e.g. numbered filenames are better sorted)
4. ImageEn Open/Save dialogs support all multi-select and Open Options when using modern Windows styling, and offer faster preview
Image Open and Save dialogs
5. Improvements to TIFF support including 32 bit (HDR) TIFFs and Planar tiffs containing gray scale and alpha
6. Smooth zooming interaction for TImageEnView
7. ImageEn toolbars can be custom scaled
Fully customizable toolbar components for TImageEnView
8. When pasting from the clipboard to a selection it supports transparency
9. New demo showing all ImageEn Dialogs (\Demos\Other\ImageEn_Dialogs\ImageEn_Dialogs.dpr)
10. Enhanced demo to compare performance of three imaging engines: Native, WIC and DLL (\Demos\InputOutput\IEViewPerformance\Performance.dpr)

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