Monday, May 23, 2022

ImageEn, Image Editing and Display Library, v11.0.0 Released

 We have now released ImageEn, v11.0.0, the latest update to our image editing and display library for Delphi/BCB. These updates are free if you purchased a license or extension after 22 May 2021:

Other users can extend their registration for 12 months at:

Top Ten Enhancements in ImageEn 11.0.0

1. New component to display and edit DICOM tags, EXIF and IPTC data, as well as viewing XMP, PDF and File information

2. Significant improvements to DICOM tag editing, including unicode support and tag injection for multi-frame files

3. New component to configure ImageEn global settings at design-time

4. Wider format support including reading and writing of JPEG XL and WebP format and reading of HEIF, AVIF, TTF, OTF and PICT files (via plug-in)

5. Updated to PDFium v5065 for improved PDF display, including unicode password support

6. Many meta-data enhancements, including output of image and PDF properties to TStringGrid, TListView or TStringList, and exporting to JSON and text

7. Alternative background can be specified for the non-image area of TImageEnView, as well as the direction of gradient backgrounds

8. ImageEnView now supports file dropping for quick display

9. TIEFolderTree can display attached phones and other devices

10. ImageEn windows remember their position

We have also included the latest BCB 5/6 versions in this release.

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