Thursday, August 28, 2008

Automatic Interface and Implementation Synchronization

Serge discussed on his blog about the implementation and interface declarations:

I couldn't help venting about one of my pet peeves, QV:

"This would all be moot if Delphi was intelligent enough to automatically synchronize the interface and implementation sections (including comments and defaults).

It would probably require less than 1000 manhours on CodeGears end and would save twenty million hours in lost productivity each year (conservatively based on 1,000,000 Delphi users saving five minutes each day). I doubt there is any other single change CodeGear could make that would offer that kind of productivity return.

I'm amazed more Delphi users are not annoyed by this blatant contradiction of DRY and shocked that CodeGear have not addressed this remnant of 1980's programming."

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