Tuesday, December 12, 2017

ImageEn, Imaging Library, v7.5.0 Released

Squeezing in before the Xmas 2017 cut-off, we are releasing v7.5.0 of ImageEn, our Imaging Library for Delphi and C++.

Top Ten Enhancements 

1. New Cloning Tool to erase unwanted content

2. New interactive Brush Tool to paint images

3. New interactive Rotation Tool to freely rotate and flip images

4. LibRaw can be used for Digital Camera Raw formats, providing support for more cameras, multi-shot photo and interpolation features

5. Enhanced PSD features, including support for loading and saving files without merged images, and reading and writing of Exif tags

6. New mouse interaction allows selection of background or subject using a Chroma Key algorithm

7. Filename filtering for TImageEnMView and TImageEnFolderMView

8. All new component icons, plus ImageEn properties can now be categorized in Object Inspector

9. Gradient, Alpha and Graduated Alpha fills

10. New Actions: TImageEnViewCloneTool, TImageEnViewBrushTool, TImageEnViewSprayTool, TImageEnViewRotateTool, TImageEnViewRotateAndCropTool, TImageEnViewShowGuidelines, TImageEnViewSelectChromaKey 

More Information

You can learn more about ImageEn at:


Demo all the new features at:


More ImageEn 7.5.0 Pricing

ImageEn can be purchased for $399.50 from our order page:


V7.5.0 is a free update if you purchased a license or extension after 13 December 2016. You can request the download from:


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