Thursday, April 22, 2021

PDF viewing and editing, text borders and gradient fills, DICOM tag injection and enhancements to IERichEdit and OCR in ImageEn v10.0

ImageEn v10.0.0 and IEVision 5.5.0 have now been released. These updates are free if you purchased a license or extension after 21 April 2020. You can access the downloads from:

Other users can extend their registration for 12 months at:

More info on ImageEn and a free trial is available at:

Top Fifteen Enhancements

1. Support for PDFium for loading of rendered PDF pages, viewing and editing of PDF documents (moving, importing and deleting pages), selection of text and editing of form fields

2. Text layers and text drawing methods now support borders and gradient fills

3. Advanced features added to TIERichEdit: Find, Replace, Insert Image, Insert Object, Paste Special, and more

4. Tags can be injected into DICOM files without modifying the image

5. DICOM tags can be anonymized (based on official recommendations)

6. Loading of large images in TImageEnView can be deprioritized or loaded as thumbnails to prevent them slowing display

7. Many improvements for ImageEn toolbars, including custom buttons, custom status and click actions and optional keyboard shortcuts

8. 21 new actions, including eleven PDF Viewer actions, six TIERichEdit actions, and more

9. Improved ImageMagick support, particularly with SVG, with support for Alpha channel and scaled loading

10. Layers now support linking to create web links and clickable objects

11. Major optimization of XMP/Dict assignment code (up to 20x faster) significantly speeding up loading of images with large XMP data blocks, such as PSD

12. Improved styling of CropTool with anti-aliasing and all TImageEnView selection properties

13. Eight new gradient effects

14. Single method to automatically register all available plug-ins

15. ImageEn toolbars can now be used in DLLs

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