Sunday, April 12, 2020

Huge V9.0.0 Release of ImageEn Imaging Library

ImageEn v9.0.0 has now been released. It is a major updates that focuses on UI features, like toolbar, popup menus, plus over 50 new actions.

Top Fifteen Enhancements

1. Fully customizable toolbar components for TImageEnView and TIERichEdit


2. Automatic hover toolbars for ImageEnView for viewing, editing, selections and layers

3. Customizable, context sensitive popup menus for TImageEnView, TImageEnMView, TImageEnFolderMView, TImageEnLayerMView and TIERichEdit

4. New TIELayerProps component to view and edit properties of selected layer

5. 28 new actions for TImageEnView, TImageEnMView and TImageEnFolderMView, plus you no longer need to attach an ImageEn control

6. Twenty-seven actions for TIERichEdit for rapid development

7. TImageEnView can be attached to a TImageEnMView to show a preview of the selected image (with navigation)

8. TImageEnMView can be filtered by filename or custom code

9. Rotation grip to make it easier and more obvious to rotate layers

10. TIELineLayers can now be curved

11. Numerous other layer improvements: horizontal and vertical flipping, graduated masks, more accurate rotation and sizing, and transparent background for rich text layers

12. Full Greek translation (partial computer generation)

13. Easily create curved selections in code

14. CaptureFromScreen allows capturing of specific monitors

15. Improved memory handling and other optimizations

Upgrading to 9.0.0

This update is free if you purchased a license or extension after 12 April 2019. You can access the download from:

Other users can extend their registration for 12 months at:

Trials are available from:

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