Wednesday, May 27, 2020

ImageEn 9.1.0 and IEVision 5.3.0 Performance Updates Released

ImageEn v9.1.0 and IEVision v5.3.0 have now been released. For this update we focused on ways we could improve performance.

You will now notice significant speed enhancements with Camera Raw files, TImageEnMView (particularly if you enable disk caching) and play animated GIFs in TImageEnView, as well as other optimizations such as loading images into TImageEnView in the background.

IEVision v5.3.0 can now use multiprocessing which more than doubles OCR processing speed on modern systems.

These updates are free if you purchased a license or extension after 28 May 2019. You can access the downloads from:

Other users can extend their registration for 12 months at:

Top Five Performance Enhancements

1. TImageEnMView can use a persistent disk cache for much improved performance

2. When loading the embedded JPEG and thumbnails in RAW files, they can now be scale loaded to a desired size for better performance, particularly in TImageEnMView

3. TImageEnView now offers Asyncronous Loading load images in a background thread without affecting the UI

4. Much better performance when playing animated GIF files in TImageEnView

5. Various code optimizations to improve performance

Top Ten General Enhancements

1. New Retouch tools: Interactive brushes to fix image content: Smudge, Inpaint, Blur, Smooth, Sharpen, etc.

2. Improvements to TImageEnMView including automatically padding thumbnail spacing for improved styling, navigation by clicking the first letter of a filename and support for folder shortcuts

3. Many enhancements to built-in toolbars, including full support for theming

4. New Smart Eraser Tool removes background without erasing subject

5. ImageEn can now automatically use Windows 10 style open/save dialogs with preview support and automatic filters

6. Added "Effects" section to Layer properties (which includes support for the new InnerGlow style)

7. Many improvement to brush tools, including anti-aliased brushes and asymmetrial cloning

8. IELib64 DLL is not needed for 64bit apps. ImageEn can automatically use WIC to load JPEG and PNG images

9. Now fully supports reading and writing of DICOM files without images (tag only files)

10. Support for Canon CR3 Raw images

+ Support for Delphi/BCB 10.4 Sydney

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